Who Should Sell Their House By Rent To Own?

Who Should Sell Their House By Rent To Own?
Video Transcription

Bill Pinnell: Hey, this is Bill Pinnell coming to you with a short video answering the question, who should sell their home by a rent to own? Well, there are many advantages that we’ve talked about in previous videos. Now, we want to talk about who is it good for? Well, generally a seller who does not need cash out to move on, but would like to have the cash flow. Landlord’s tired of collecting rents, fixing toilets and replacing furnace filters and all those tenant and maintenance issues, but you still want to have the cash flow coming in. Homeowners that have lived in their house a long time, you’ve built up a lot of equity or maybe you own it free and clear. An inherited property, if you’ve inherited a property, you might not want it make it into a rental, but you want it to get full value out of it, then sell it on or rent to own.

Now, a little side note is if it does need a lot of repairs, then you’re going to want to sell it to somebody that’s a tenant buyer that would be willing to fix up the place. Or maybe what would be better is just get a cash offer for the house. If you had a job transfer, you need to sell your house fast and you want near full retail value. Newly married couples and both partners have houses and they move into one, so they have another one that’s sitting there vacant, ideal time to try a rent to own.

Now these are just some of the examples and if you are interested in selling or want more information, visit my website, wildbillpinnell.com and schedule a free 15 minute consultation and I can help you determine if rent to own would work for you. So give me a call, I answer my own phone, 734-245-9654. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Have a great day.

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