Tips on Saving Money When Moving

There are a number of reasons why people move. Sometimes, relocating may be by choice, and other times, it may be completely out of necessity. Job changes, a desire to be closer to family and friends, or the need to start over someplace else are all reasons why you may be on the move. Whether you are thrilled or sad about the change — or both — there is no doubt that this event can be stressful and filled with anxiety.

Moving can be physically taxing as well as emotionally demanding. It can be difficult saying goodbye to people you care about and leaving behind familiar routines and settings. When it comes to moving, there are financial concerns, too. This process can test your budget and be difficult for your bank account.

As you prepare to move, you should look for every way possible to save money. These steps do not have to be complicated. There are small and simple things you can do starting today to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket as you move.

Hire Professional Movers

At first glance, it may confuse you how this could be a money-saving step. After all, hiring the best professional moving company will cost money that you would not have to spend if you were to do the moving yourself. But in some situations, it makes a lot of financial sense to enlist the services of a moving team.

If you have a large load, you may need more than your own vehicles and a truck or two from family and friends to transport all of your belongings. You may even have enough possessions that it will take more than one trip to drive to and from your new home. Truck-rental and fuel expenses can add up quickly in these cases. Hiring the pros might work out to save you money in the long run.

Skip the Boxes

As you begin to organize your belongings, you will discover that you need storage materials in which to place them. Your first thought may be to run to the nearby home improvement store and pick up some boxes. The chances are you will need a large number of boxes. The costs of purchasing these can quickly add up.

Instead of spending money on boxes from the store, use what you already have at home. You can use suitcases and duffle bags to pack clothes, linens, towels, and other non-heavy items. Laundry baskets and hampers are also good methods of packing belongings. You can also store these things in garbage sacks. Just make sure they do not tear through the bags.

Use Other Packing Materials

Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are good for protecting fragile items. Save yourself a bit of cash by using different methods of keeping these possessions safe. Wrap precious items and keepsakes in tissue paper or paper towels. You can also use towels, sheets, or pillowcases to cushion these belongings.

Hold a Yard Sale

Organizing and holding a yard sale in the days or weeks before a move has multiple benefits. You can lighten the load on the professional moving company’s truck by getting rid of certain items. You can also reduce the number of things you have to pack and load. There are also financial perks of doing a yard sale at home.

If you advertise effectively and price your items accurately, a yard sale can earn you some nice spending money. Take a look at items in your home that you no longer need or use. Clothes may no longer fit or match your style preferences. Your kids may have outgrown their toys and games. Or maybe you have books that you have not read in years or are no longer interested in. You also may have upgraded electronics and entertainment devices but hung onto the old ones too. These are all popular items to include in a yard sale.

Move at the Right Time

Sometimes, you may not have a lot of choices of when you will move. But if possible, it is best to move during the week rather than on the weekend. Many professional moving companies charge less Monday through Thursday. Also, the peak moving season is during the summer months. If you can help it, plan to move outside of this busy window. Moving in the middle of the month rather than at the beginning or end can also save you some cash.

There is a lot to think about doing before, during, and after a move. The financial aspect of this event is crucial and stressful. You can minimize many of these worries by following these steps. Saving money is always a good idea, so keep these tips in mind as your moving day comes closer. You can rest easy and have more money to spend on other things.

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