Anticipate These 6 Things During Your Upcoming Home Renovation

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By William Pinnell and Teresa Greenhill

You’ve budgeted for a major home renovation, and you can perfectly envision what you want your house to look like after all of the work is completed. But in order to design your dream house, you need to plan out every aspect of the process in advance! These tips shared by Pinnell Enterprises, LLC will also explain how to design spaces such as home offices, discover your home warranty policy needs, and demystify the software that your contractors will use.

Plan for Specific Rooms, Like a Home Office

In order to execute a home renovation, you need to meticulously plan out exactly which projects you want completed. For example, you might be ready to invest in landscaping projects for your front yard, transform your basement into an entertainment center, or even build an addition to create a home office.

If you’re preparing to invest in a home office, aim to locate it in an area that gets plenty of natural light. This will make for a more pleasant and productive workspace. But if you’re struggling to find a place with a reliable natural light source, plan to add bright overhead lighting instead.

For inside the home, sourcing an experienced interior designer is always a good idea. Whatever the living area, they are equipped and trained to give you ideas for various looks, including furniture, flooring, room layout, and window treatments.

Work Out a Budget

Creating a budget is essential when taking on these types of projects. If you’ve planned on hiring pros to do some or all of the work, the best way to gauge costs and timing is by consulting with them. You’ll also need to be disciplined and stick to the budget to avoid overspending, so be sure to factor in the possibility of unforeseen contingencies like delays and material pricing increases.

Consider a Home Warranty

If you didn’t pick out a home warranty policy when you purchased a home, you may want to start researching policies during the renovation process. This form of coverage will be useful if any of your home systems or appliances need repairs.

Make sure to go over your home inspection report with a fine-tooth comb. Note any reported problems with appliances or essential systems, find out if any of these appliances are already under warranty, and then determine the coverage specifications.

Hire Your Contractor Team

Choosing contractors is the most important decision you’ll make during the renovation process. Bob Vila recommends asking for personal references from your social circle, asking to see contractors’ portfolios, and even contacting their former customers for reviews.

This process can begin when you use this home management app puts experts in your hand. Not only can you research and find qualified, vetted pros that can handle the types of projects you have planned, but the app allows you to video chat with them so you can determine scope and timing. Soon you’ll have a plan going forward, from tracking the status of their repairs to accessing important information about home systems and major appliances.

Obtain the Required Permits

Depending on your renovation plans, you may need to acquire certain permits before you begin work. Your contractors can help you determine which specific permits you have to obtain. Family Handyman states that typically, you’ll need a remodeling permit to install a new roof, add or remove walls, add square footage, and modify your pipes or electrical system.

Map Out Your Timeline

You need a realistic timeline for your renovation, because depending on the projects you’re investing in and how long they’ll take, your family may have to move out for a while. If your project will take over a month and affect spaces like your bathrooms or kitchen, temporarily relocating with a short-term rental is a good idea.

Even if you’re not completing a DIY home renovation, there will still be plenty of work on your end! You’ll be fully involved in the project to ensure that everything turns out the way you pictured it. With these tips, you’ll get acquainted with construction software including apps for home maintenance and repair, figure out if a home warranty policy is right for you, and plan out the details of rooms like your new home office.

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